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Surround yourself with Peace and Harmony

Reduce stress and tension in you and all around you

Play this video on your phone or mobile device all the time to surround yourself with peace and harmony.

Play it on your laptop or desktop in the background at work or at home to surround yourself with peace and harmony.

Personal and business testimonial by Barbara Longue during recent interview. Watch the full interview here.

Incredible scientific breakthrough:

Dissolves stress, anger, tension and upset "My wife was really angry - I played this on my phone and within 5 minutes she completely calmed down." — R.C., California.

Reduces likelihood of violence ”I'll be honest here. I did do the download. I played it and of course my mind said, "That's crazy, its not working." I don't listen to my mind, so I sat to feel the energy of the frequency. It's very subtle, but I can feel it. Next I assessed the frequency to see how it made me feel. I did not feel the energy of protection, but rather the energy of love. I felt surrounded by love which was beautiful. The energy of protection felt like it was in the middle of the love energy. It feels like a personal harmonizer. Just wanted to share both the mental thoughts and my heart thoughts.” — S.T., USA .

Increases harmony and co-operation "My boss hated me and tension ran high at work. I ran this program in the background on my computer 24/7. Within 6 weeks my boss loved me and the change in the office was better than I could ever have imagined." — B.B., England.

Smooths out aggression and hatred "The moment I turned it on, I felt so much peace and serenity come over me, I cannot describe the feeling in words. For the first time, in a long time, I feel supported by the Divine. Thank you so much for making this technology available to the public. I know in my heart, that, if more people on the planet would take part in using this technology, the current dire situation in our world would improve in no time.” —P.A., United Arab Emirates / Australia 

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