Peace and Harmony Download page

4 Ways to Play:

1. Stream the Silent (no sound) Video click here

2. Use the Nature Sounds Video click here

3. Play or Download the Silent (no sound) MP3 click here. This will play using your device's music app (iTunes, for example)

4. Play on PureLightAudio app. Get it free here

Want Best Results? Have volume loud especially for silent make sure it's on "loop" or "repeat"

Keep your sound on For best results – even for the silent one.

The more you play this the greater the results Benefits accumulate-- play this video round the clock for best results.

Play in the background On your laptop or computer! You can still play your game, work on your spreadsheet, text, write, or almost any other program while this is playing — even watch other videos. 

Not subliminal A true new scientific breakthrough: it just works! (Based on quantum physics) 

For Best Results: Share with your family, friends and co-workers More people using = more harmony and peace = less tension, stress, anger, and violence all around