$49 - Enhanced Audio Peace and Harmony Program

Harmony Sphere Enhanced Audio file is an AIF download that you can play on larger high quality sound systems to create a much more powerful effect than our free Peace and Harmony Program.

You can use it on any sound system; the better the sound system, the farther the benefits extend.

While desktop computers are ok, we do not recommend using this on old cell phones, tablets, or even laptops as those devices extremely limit the range of influence. For those devices you can download our Personal Peace and Harmony Video Program or the upgraded Personal Peace and Harmony MP3 Program.

Once you get this program, keep it playing 24/7. If you use your sound system often for music, movies, tv, etc., we recommend getting a dedicated system you can play 24/7 without interruption. Since the benefits accumulate-- they build up and increase over time, you'll want the best system you can afford.

This download will create peace and harmony in an area up to 800 square feet and impact two people.

$595 - I Can Help!

The "I Can Help!" system is ideal for 800 square feet and up to FOUR people. This set-up is intended to be used as a dedicated machine for playing the Peace and Harmony program. Why does that matter? Once we play anything — from a Disney movie to an old video of our kids – to even a 2-minute song — your video/sound system become tainted - it picks up incoherent non-quantum energies diminishing the effect of the program.

(Think of it like walking around with thumbprints on your glasses; you can still see, but not as well) Is it still better than nothing? OF COURSE! And it's up to you. Do you want you to have MAXIMUM peace, harmony and love? This dedicated system can help.

(Your equipment may look different based on cost and supply when we set it up for you. But we promise it will be as good as the image, if not better!)

Generate Waves of Harmony and Love all around you

Actual product may differ from these images based on product availability.

Global Unifier Generator generates powerful coherent, balancing waves of love and harmony, dispelling stress and tension

$995 - The Peace Maker

The Peace Maker is the lowest level of our Peace Generator line and is fantastic for a space up to 1,000 square feet with FIVE people.

This system includes a 24" television and hard drive that is a dedicated system to help YOU generate all the good vibes in your home or office. Set it up anywhere and let it run day and night while still watching movies or listening to music on your other audio/video devices.

(Your equipment may look different based on cost and supply when we set it up for you. But we promise it will be as good as the image, if not better!)

To create Peace and Harmony for more people or a larger area, see our Powerful Peace Generators

Play in the background on dedicated devices.  Any use of the components aside from playing the silent programming will diminish the results of it and like a chip in your glasses lens, can't be restored. That's the importance of brand new, never-used-for-anything-else equipment, and keeping it "clean" provides maximum results.